Astral Pet Store

Chapter 83: Frightened Lightning Rat

On the other side, Su Yanying was also ready to feel the warm atmosphere at the scene. She took a deep breath and said to Su Ping, "Let's go up too."

"Good." Su Ping nodded.

"Yingying, come on." Lan Lele next to her cheered for her.

Su Yanying nodded slightly and walked down the aisle stairs. Su Ping followed behind her, and the two immediately set off and attracted a lot of eyes nearby, and there was a small exclaimation.

Compared with Su Yanying's low-key appearance, most people's eyes were attracted by the heroic figure flying above the stadium and cheered. In contrast, Su Yanying's light was completely submerged and no one paid attention.

It was not until the figure of Ye Hao riding the dragon landed on the field and the countless lights gathered on him that he noticed Su Yanying on the other side of the field. The cheers rose again.

Compared with Ye Hao's unattainable height, people are more curious about the mysterious color of Su Yanying.

In people's minds, Su Yanying is not only a genius, but also a geek, otherwise normal people, who would have the mind to use a thunder mouse?

"This silver pterosaur, is something wrong?"

"It's huge!"

"This volume... this is by no means a growth stage, is it?"

Many students with outstanding achievements and the on-site instructors were shocked when they saw the silver pterosaur beast. Most of such a huge volume of silver pterosaur beasts have entered adulthood. What is the concept of dragon beast? At least seven levels!

This has already entered the ranks of advanced pets, and it is the most fierce dragon system among the advanced pets!

In the same rank of the dragon system, the combat power is definitely one of the best, far superior to other types of beasts, and only a very small number of demonic beasts can match it.

"Silver Winged Dragon Beast that has just entered adulthood?" At the seats on the court, the eyes of a few first-class teams are all condensed. Is the seventh-order dragon beast? If it is to be summoned, its owner must be at least fifth-order strength. If it is fourth-order, it will be emptied of star power in an instant, and the beast will lose the balance of the contract, runaway, and even defy its master.

"A student at school has actually reached the fifth-order star power." Several strong men have some dignified faces, only one of them has a smile, and his eyes are full of exultation and excitement. Ye Hao has been signed by him and is a member of their team. He also knew about the breakthrough of the Silver Winged Dragon Beast in advance when he signed the contract. For this reason, Ye Hao was given extremely high treatment, and he could not only be directly turned into a formal pioneer.

Moreover, you can go directly to the B-level barren area to hone. The starting point is extremely high. In the future, Ye Hao may become a Jinxun pioneer. This is a super genius with captain potential!

Several other people also recovered, glanced at this smiling man, his face gloomy.

They had only felt a little bit of pain before, but they were really angry at the moment.

Such geniuses are snatched by others. If they are known by their captains, they will go back and scold, and the most important thing is that they also heartbroken such geniuses and lost to other teams. This is a huge loss!

Things that are not available will inevitably look unsightly. Several people looked at Dong Mingsong next to them, and one of them said in a cold voice: "Mr. Dong, this silver-winged dragon beast is already at the seventh level, and it is considered a powerful presence among the pioneers. This exhibition game is somewhat unnecessary. Well, Su's thunder-light mouse no matter how strong it is, after all, it is a low-level beast, not an opponent at all, and in my opinion, this silver-winged dragon beast has already begun its prestige. I am afraid that the battle has not yet been fought, it is over. "

He was the one who signed Su Yanying. Su Yanying is now a member of their team, so he will be affectionately called "Classmate Su", and therefore he cannot accept this unequal battle. Played prestige.

Moreover, the thunder mouse is a rodent, and the word "coward like a mouse" is not unreasonable. It is already timid, and when it encounters a dragon beast, then it must not be scared? In case of any shadow left, such a beast of evildoers will be abandoned!

Seeing him speak, several other people sneered, and the dog started biting.

They sat on the side with their arms folded, watching the play with cold eyes.

Dong Songming quickly comforted: "I have already greeted their mentor, Ye Hao also said that he would remind Su classmates to let her send Luofeng to fight, and then he will be merciful. Luofeng is a superior beast after all. Although the lineage has not reached adulthood, the proud dignity is there, and will not be deterred by Long Wei, nor will it be too ugly to lose."

"Is it one-sided crushing, also called an exhibition game?" The man was obviously very dissatisfied.

"Oh, isn't the exhibition game just to watch a lively show, is it necessary for you to win and let you behave, it is fair?" The young man who signed Ye Hao sneered slightly, saying: "I really have the ability to fight back on my own strength, we Already humbly, what else do you want? This is the place to speak with strength. Do you have a debate with the monsters about "fairness" when you are pioneering?"


Dong Songming hurriedly pulled the frame, "The game is about to start, the two of them will watch first and talk about it."

The two froze their faces, snorted coldly, and stopped fighting.

Ye Hao on the field had fallen on the ground with his sister Ye Qingyin, and said to her sister: "Look at my star shield, don't go out."

"Well, brother, come on." Ye Qingyin said with a grin.

Many people outside the venue saw Ye Qingyin's figure and recognized it suddenly. Some people exclaimed: "Isn't this the new generation trainee of Star Entertainment Media?"

"It's her? The singer who sang the red "Star Song Snow Dance"?"

"My God, I am her fan, she is Ye Hao's younger sister? God, do they want to be so overbearing, what kind of gods are they worth, and let us live!"

The appearance of Ye Qingyin caused a little uproar. Unlike her brother Ye Hao, she likes music, so she didn’t pursue it on the road to a pet master, but took the path of becoming a singer. The elder brother cheered, also exposed himself, to maintain popularity and heat.

Presumably, her name will appear on Tomorrow's Base City Entertainment headlines.

Su Yanying also noticed Ye Qingyin next to Ye Hao. After a moment of surprise, she also inadvertently heard her song and knew her, but did not expect that the other party was Ye Hao's sister, but this is a star.

Although the darling master is the mainstream in this era, the darling master will also watch dramas and listen to songs. Naturally, these singers and actors also have a market and a large number of fans.

"How?" Su Ping noticed her eyes strangely.

Su Yanying returned to her head and shook her head: "It's nothing." Her eyes narrowed, her mind was focused, her body starry surged, opened the space for summoning, and summoned Lightning Rat and Falling Phoenix from inside.

Although she believed Su Ping and thought that the Lightning Mouse should be able to resist Longwei, she still made first-hand insurance preparations and summoned Luofeng.

There is also no regulation in the game. It is not possible to summon two beasts at the same time, but it is more difficult to summon two beasts to command their masters. To increase the skills of both beasts is enough to consume three-thirds of the pet master. The star power of one, let alone divide one's heart into two.

If used well, it is naturally extremely powerful, but if it is used poorly, it will be in a hurry and have the opposite effect.

"Why did she still use the Lightning Mouse?" The audience, Su Yanying's tutor and Dong Songming, were both amazed. Previously, Su Yanying's tutor took the time to greet Su Yanying. Su Yanying persuaded, but still thought Su Ping's words were slightly more reliable. point.

"Humph." Ye Hao saw the thunder light mouse summoned by Su Yanying, his eyes slightly cold, he really did not repent, he kindly reminded that he did not appreciate it.

At this moment, the Lightning Mouse, who had just jumped out of the summoning space, immediately attracted the attention of the audience. As soon as the Lightning Mouse landed, he felt a great threat. This is a smell that makes it extremely familiar and memorable.

All of a sudden, his body's cold hair stood up, and a figure beside him was reflected in the horrified rat's eyes.

"Huh." Seeing the figure of Lei Guangshu's cold hair at first glance, Ye Hao's eyes were more disdainful, no matter how evil, no matter how high the sense, what use? In front of the coercion of the real powerhouse, there are all bells and whistles, you have no courage to stand in front of the dragon beast!

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