Blossoms: Dominate the world since 1993

Blossoms: Dominate the world since 1993


48 Chapters Ongoing Status


Abao traveled through the Magic City, became the boss of Yellow River Road, and obtained the investment system.

As long as you complete system tasks, you can get corresponding rewards.

Participated in the Japanese and British financial crises, and received international financial consulting from Night Tokyo, Peace Hotel, Zhizhen Garden, etc.

So Abao was out of control, from the Yellow River Road to the Magic City, from the Magic City to the whole country, and even the whole world was involved.

In China, he is a well-known treasurer.

Abroad, he is feared for his huge capital.

Until the financial defense war broke out in Hong Kong Island in 1998, short sellers were extremely powerful, and Mr. Bao stepped forward to rescue the market from the fire.

A layer of identity exposure shocked the world...

Mr. A: The biggest mistake in this life is to become an enemy of that person.

Soros: I firmly believe that there are no myths in the stock market until that Eastern man appears.

JPMorgan Chase: Even if World War III breaks out and Mr. Bao says it will rise, it will definitely rise!

Fed: For every green coin printed, I owe Mr. Bao six and a half dollars!


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