City: The male protagonist, Ye Chen’s pretentious life

City: The male protagonist, Ye Chen’s pretentious life


57 Chapters Ongoing Status


Two years ago, Ye Chen traveled to a parallel world, got the anti-fraud system, and started a life of pretense.

We are surrounded by lies every day. If you can see through them, your life will be completely different.

Ye: Are you a virgin? Qin: No, don’t they all play the same? Ding: 200

Ye: Are you a policeman? Qin: No, let’s hurry up. Ding: 200

Ye: Police aunt, let’s not come here to join in the fun. You don’t look at how old you are and you are still pretending to be young.

Qin: How did he know I was a police officer? Fishing failed again

Brother: Senior sister, I told you not to mess with that Ye Chen, are we still chasing him? People go 300 miles per hour

Qin: Chasing, you dare to say that I am an old aunt, and you say that I am pretending to be young. I chased him to the end of the world, and I still don’t believe that he stopped stopping.

Brother: Senior sister, it’s bad, our tire is flat. . .


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