Dark Fantasy: Pure Love Begins with the Evil Fallen Fairy

Dark Fantasy: Pure Love Begins with the Evil Fallen Fairy


52 Chapters Ongoing Status


The Star Charm Continent is the Evil Fallen Fairy Continent!

Ye Wuchen came to Xingmei Continent at the age of three, and has loved Yuzu ever since!

The apprentice of the number one fairy on the Immortal List, the young master of the Xuanshen Palace!

When he completed refining the Dark Heart, which is number one on the Supreme Divine Weapon List, he encountered Ye Chen, who had the pure love invincible system in the outer realm.

Xiao Ai: [Master, as long as a woman reaches a certain level of charm and encounters certain evil or important figures, she will awaken the pure love invincible subsystem! The rewards they receive will also be obtained by their master~]

Ye Qianhan: "Disciple, come and help me take it off~"

Ye Qianyu: "Xiaochen, come and give me a massage too!"

Meng Zhili secretly rejoiced: "Brother Wuchen, I can help you with my feet!"

Su Youwei was shy: "Master, I am just your maid."

Luo Shuiyao was confused: "Sister Zhili, I also like Wuchen."

Gu Shenyue lost her mind: "It's over, the mission failed, Ye Wuchen?"

Fan Ruoxian chuckled: "Fairy Shenyue, Brother Chen is pretty good!"

[Congratulations to the owner for obtaining the Thunder Star and the Sky Spear...]


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