Drunk House

Drunk House


817 Chapters Ongoing Status


At the beginning, he said: “Little concubine from Jiangning County, what an insult to status, I won’t marry!”

After seeing it, he tsk-tsk: “It’s so weak, it’s too weak, I don’t want it!”

When she came to the door alone with a marriage certificate, he stood leaning against the door and smiled subduedly, “Come and let me marry you? But I don’t want to marry young!”

Knowing that she came to divorce the engagement, his complexion was completely dark, and he wanted to kill someone gloomyly, “Who gave you the courage to withdraw the young master’s engagement?”

Su Rong felt that Princess Duanhua might be blind. This person is so pampered, how could it be worth her to die and live for him?

If I had known, when she saw him for the first time, she threw the divorce letter in his face.


The hibiscus pillow is delicate and springy, and the hall is full of flowers drunk without knowing it. ——Su Rong

A young man in fresh clothes and angry horse walks, and his whole life is a mistake. ——Zhou Gu

Your wish is my wish, I wish to know you early, to protect you with brocade red in the jade hall, break through obstacles, cut thorns, hands are not stained with blood, clean, and I am the gentle and soft little girl I first saw.

Your wish is my wish, I wish I had known you earlier, when you were bright and bright, I was careful not to approach, frightened the sparrows, and prayed to turn into the moon in the sky, projected into your arms, to accompany you to see the flowers in spring and the snow in winter, and Changan every year.

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