First Lady of the Crown Prince

First Lady of the Crown Prince

首辅娇娘 / The Grand Secretary’s Pampered wife

1009 Chapters Ongoing Status


This novel is also known as The Grand Secretary’s Pampered wife

Originally a daughter of the Hou Mansion, she became a peasant girl due to a mistake at birth.

Finally, she grew up to the age of flowers and jade, but no one came to marry her.

Said she had an ugly face and was born stupid, or was she a catastrophe who defeated her father and mother?

But the husband she picked up halfway was the first assistant in the future.

The little monk she adopted up the mountain is a god of the six kingdoms.

Even the old lady who was rescued casually turned out to be the queen mother.

A certain man said viciously: “Lady, who dares to bully you, do it for your husband!”

The god will say: “Sister, the territory of the Six Nations, I will call you wherever you want to go!”

The queen mother said: “Did the emperor bully Jiaojiao? Wait! The Aijia will go and abolish him!”

[The female protagonist of the Overlord Flower who can rely on luck but strength] VS [The young male protagonist who hides his wings without revealing his wings]

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