Interstellar Tattered Queen

Interstellar Tattered Queen


2872 Chapters Ongoing Status


Crossing to a garbage star in the interstellar age, Ji Yu is so poor that she is about to plow the soil and eat it, but… the soil is poisonous and can’t be eaten… There is no way, she can only lower her body to pick up the garbage, sell it and sell it. of……

For example, no one wants such beautiful grass seeds. Pick up a bead and sell it online.

But as soon as I posted it on the Internet, someone made a negative comment: “All the grass seeds and fruits are sold. Are you crazy to think about money?”

A few days later, the man slammed the wall in regret: “Kneel and beg you to sell me one grass seed and fruit, only one! One is fine.”

Ji You said coldly: “Not for sale!”

For another example, these shattered stones on the street are so shiny that nobody wants them. Pick them up, polish them into bracelets, and sell them on the Internet.

The crowd made nasty words: “Broken rocks are all sold, haven’t you seen the money?”

A few days later, everyone wept bitterly and said, “I have no eyes, I am clumsy, such a beautiful and beautiful stone, please beg me for one.”

Ji You said, “It’s gone.”

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