People are conferring gods: The rise of Wei Mo, the great emperor of heaven

People are conferring gods: The rise of Wei Mo, the great emperor of heaven


139 Chapters Ongoing Status


A man who is obsessed with wisdom, in order to keep the peace of the land and water in one area, suppress the evil spirits from all directions in the same area.

Three evil spirits and five diseases, one soul and two souls have been killed and reincarnated as fools. He can eliminate demons and monsters, calm yin and yang, and regulate the five elements. No one can compare with him, no one can match him.

Chen Ping'an was born without one soul or two souls. Sixteen years after he came to the world of Fengshen, his parents were lost and he spent half his life as a fool. He became the guardian of a small village outside Sanshan Pass.

Until one day, the old master opened his spiritual orifice. During the day, he was a silly idiot, and at night, he was an earthly immortal guarding a village.

Gou is in Sanshan Pass, protecting a piece of water and soil. The Yang God comes out of his body to kill the evil spirits in the world, and enters the mystery of dreams to change the fate and cause and effect of one or two people.

At a time when heaven was short of manpower, Chen Ping'an gained merit in the human world and was favored by heaven. He was made a god in the flesh and became the Night God.

Since then, Chen Pingan has risen from humble beginnings, entered the world of enlightenment through dreams, and finally reached the pinnacle of the Three Realms step by step.


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