Rebirth Space Little Fierce Girl

Rebirth Space Little Fierce Girl


682 Chapters Ongoing Status


Nangong Anshan was reborn into the body of a little girl who was fleeing in ancient times. Before she could figure out the situation, she found out that she had been betrayed.

Her father and elder brother disappeared due to joining the army, her mother was paralyzed and disfigured due to hunting, her third brother was sickly and weak since childhood, and several younger siblings were hungry and growling.

But that’s all right.

Natural power! Let her easily deal with the people who hit her house.

Avoid water droplets! Let her find plenty of food in the water.

Space department store system! Let her have whatever she wants, and she can also cure her mother and third brother.

Buying fields, building yards, buying shops, and family reunion is a matter of time!

It’s just that the so-and-so who popped up in the middle, I’m not familiar with you, so don’t always come up to me.

That so-and-so: “Are you sure you don’t want me? Then I’m leaving now?”

Nangong Anshan turned her head and hugged his thigh tightly…

PS: 1. This article is 1V1, superficial, superficial, please be cautious when you are a serious party.

2. There is space in this article, and there will definitely be plots that transcend reality. It’s fine to look at it, and don’t enter if you can’t accept it.

3. Refuse personal attacks, otherwise rebound.

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