Chapter 58 Oil Press

   They just came to Li Wang to entrust the land, so they can't afford to offend any rich and nobles.

  After a while, Nangong Anshan withdrew her hand and said, "The situation is better than when I took the pulse last time. Keep drinking my medicine. I'll check your pulse again in three or four days."

  Dugu Huanxu said: "Thank you, Miss."

  Xiao Ruiyan thought of Nangong Anshan's handwriting, and suddenly said: "Girl, the prescription you gave my friend last time was accidentally lost by the servant. I wonder if you can write it to my friend again?"

   "Of course." Nangong Anshan said: "It's just that I don't have pen and ink here. Wait a minute, I'll find a wooden board and carve it for you."

  Xiao Rui said: "No need, I have the habit of carrying pen and ink, and I also have letters, which are ready."

   After speaking, he looked at Qianhua.

  Qianhua went to the carriage to get it quickly, put the pen, ink and letter on the table, and began to grind.

   After a while, when the ink research was almost done, Nangong Anshan was about to pick up the pen, when she suddenly thought of something, and her body froze.

  Missing the prescription is probably Xiao Ruiyan's excuse. He just wanted to confirm her handwriting. He must have seen the prescription she gave Young Master Xu last time.

  Xiao Ruiyan saw that Nangong Anshan was stunned, the suspicion on his face deepened, and he said, "Miss, what's the problem?"

  Nangong Anshan came back to her senses, and said calmly: "There is nothing difficult, I will write it now."

   That's all, she still wrote it according to the previous handwriting.

  People's habits are similar anyway, no matter what Xiao Ruiyan thinks, he will never think that the soul in this nine-year-old body is his own sister.

  If she suddenly changed her handwriting now, it would really make people suspicious.

  After a while, Nangong Anshan wrote the prescription.

  Xiao Ruiyan looked at the writing on it, his pupils shrank suddenly, and asked in a trembling voice: "Gu... Girl, have you been to the capital before?"

  Nangong Anshan shook her head: "No, before I came to Liuye Village, I hadn't been out of Yongwang's fief."

   "The girl learned this handwriting from whom?"

   "In the Qingshan Village where I lived before, there was an old man who was capable of writing and martial arts. He liked our children very much and often taught us martial arts and reading and literacy. Everyone in our family learned from that old man."


   Could it be her sister's teacher?

  The teacher taught his younger sister for a few years, and then wandered away. Could it be that he settled in Qingshan Village?

   No, he heard later that his sister's teacher died of an accident shortly after he left his home.

  Xiao Ruiyan thought for a long time but couldn't figure it out, and continued to ask: "Girl, who did you learn your medical skills from? You are only nine years old. How can you be so good at medicine? You can tell that my friend is poisoned at a glance."

  Nangong Anshan said seriously: "This is a secret, please forgive me for not telling you."

  Dugu Huanxu was worried that she would be unhappy being asked, so he hurriedly interjected: "Girl, don't think too much, my friend is just curious and has no malicious intentions."

  Xiao Ruiyan also said: "Girl, please forgive me if I offend you."

  Know, know, she knows everything, she will not be angry with the first brother.

   Nangong Anshan said: "It's nothing, but just now I saw that the young master saw my handwriting, and he looked very shocked. Why is this? Is my handwriting the same as someone the young master knows?"

  Xiao Ruiyan didn't want people to know about his sister, so he just said: "The girl guessed right, but suddenly remembered a familiar person."

After finishing speaking, he didn't want to continue this topic, and said: "Girl, how do you make that fried dough stick? And the two dishes you made just now, how can I see that there is still oil in it? Add oil directly in the dish, I still Seeing it for the first time."

  Nangong Anshan didn't hide it from them, and said: "The deep-fried dough sticks are very simple, they are made of flour. The other ones are stir-fried vegetables, which I use the latest peanut oil to stir-fry."

  Dugu Huanxu asked: "Peanut oil? Oil made from peanuts?"


   "How to make peanut oil?"

   "Use an oil press."

  Dugu Huanxu was stunned, why did he come out of the oil press?

  Nangong Anshan was also very patient and asked them to wait for a while, then quietly moved the oil press taller than her out from behind the tent.

  Anyway, she will take out the oil press sooner or later.

  The people in Nangong's family were also confused, when did such a weird thing exist there?

Nangong Anshan and her family members explained: "Before, I was quietly researching the oil press on the mountain. I finished the research last night, and I moved it down the mountain. At that time, you were all fast asleep. It's normal if you don't know. "

  Nan Gongsheng immediately believed his sister's words, and said with concern: "Ashan, don't go to the mountains at night, it's very dangerous."

   "Okay, not next time."

  Nan Gongsheng asked: "Then these oils are..."

   "I squeezed it all on the mountain, and took it directly down the mountain."

  Dugu Huanxu knew that she was very strong, but he didn't expect that she could move a giant object that was taller than a human. He said in a daze, "Miss Nangong, you are really amazing."

   "Haha." Nangong Anshan smiled and said, "Well, I think so too."

  The people in the Nangong family were very embarrassed, and Ah Shan (Sister Ah) was too direct.

  Dugu Huanxu and Xiao Ruiyan carefully looked at the oil press for a long time.

  Dugu Huanxu said: "Miss Nangong, how do you extract oil? If it's not troublesome, can you let us have a look?"

   Nangong Anshan had no choice but to show them how to extract oil.

   Fortunately, she let her younger siblings peel a lot of peanuts for her yesterday, which is just in handy now.

   After a long time, the peanut oil slowly flowed into the wooden barrel from the oil outlet, and everyone who watched was dumbfounded.

  Dugu Huanxu stepped forward to smell the smell, and said in shock: "I didn't expect it to be oil. Peanuts are obviously plants. I didn't expect that they can produce oil and can be eaten. It's really surprising."

  Xiao Ruiyan asked: "Miss Nangong, how do you know that peanuts can produce oil?"

  Nangong Anshan smiled and said: "This is also a secret, sorry for the inconvenience, little girl."

  Xiao Ruiyan was not angry when he heard the words, nodded, and continued to look at the oil outlet.

   After half an hour, the wooden barrel was filled with a small barrel of peanut oil.

   Nangong Anshan said: "That's how it came out."

  Dugu Huanxu said: "Girl, can I discuss something with you?"


   "Can I buy these peanut oils with you?"

   "Of course, how much does Mr. Xu want?"

   "What I mean is that I will often buy oil from you in the future."

Nangong Anshan raised her eyebrows and said: "Of course it is possible, but you have also seen that my house is still under construction, and our children are still young. Every time the oil is produced, not only the oil is produced slowly, but also a lot of oil is needed. Peanuts, so not much oil is produced every day."

  (end of this chapter)

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