I come! I see! I conquer! I want to unify the North American continent!

Shi Xiong, an associate research librarian at a provincial museum in China, encountered a car accident in North America in 1764 during a visit to the United States, and he was attached to a 16-year-old North American Indian. Since then, he has embarked on a vigorous and glorious life.

When the stone bear first arrived in North America, he encountered a sneak attack on the tribe. The severely injured stone bear luckily survived and followed the fleeing team to the Gaoshu tribe, becoming the son of God in the mouth of Kabru’s sacrifice. Shixiong began to emerge from the Gaoshu tribe, developing agriculture, large-scale steel smelting, salt making, cigarettes, research and development of weapons…

rose strongly from the high tree tribe, and then moved the entire Eastern Cherokee tribe to destroy the mortal enemy Cheka’sah, crossed the Mississippi River to the west, and established a strong base in the Midwest.

During the Northern Expedition of the Great Lakes, I encountered the outbreak of a single-handed war. The protagonist relies on the advantages of foresight to unite the British, but actually uses the huge contradiction between the United Kingdom and the United States to continue to strengthen themselves and weaken the strength of the United Kingdom and the United States.

In the end, the stone bear dominated the North American continent and became the only super chief in Indian history!

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