Terrifying Apocalypse: A wordless tablet at the beginning

Terrifying Apocalypse: A wordless tablet at the beginning


131 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Terrifying Apocalypse: A wordless tablet at the beginning

[Horror Apocalypse + Supernatural Resurrection + Space + Zero Yuan Purchase + Infrastructure + Gold Finger Slightly Thick] A strange resurgence, terror is coming.Four years after the apocalypse, Mu Jiu was reborn and returned to the day when the horrific apocalypse began.If you write your name and date of birth in blood on the wordless tablet, you can sign a blood pact with the space and have a strange space.There are 33 tombstones in the space. Each tombstone can have a totem, and each totem represents a special ability.Drawing a totem on yellow paper can activate supernatural powers.If the totems are fully collected, this will make Muggle Mu Jiu the owner of the most superpowers in the apocalypse!So after rebirth, first stock up on one billion pieces of yellow paper!All other supplies must be picked up!When the horrific apocalypse comes, all kinds of evil spirits invade, persecute the living, and cause countless deaths and injuries.And Mu Jiu, with the help of super-powerful golden fingers, drew a summoning talisman, and the King of Creatures became her little brother!Mu Jiu upgrades the weird system space and builds a super-powerful apocalyptic base fortress.She has the power of earth to build mountains, the power of metal to build houses, the power of wood to grow vegetables, the power of water to raise fish, the power of fire to cook... The entire underworld is under her control.Use the strongest talisman-drawing technique to lead mankind to fight against the strange and restore human civilization.


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