The Rich Family President’s Trying to Keep Up With his Second Marriage

The Rich Family President’s Trying to Keep Up With his Second Marriage


1199 Chapters Completed Status


She is an obstetrician. She had an unforgettable love, but in the end she couldn’t resist the intervention of Xiao San, signed the divorce agreement, and turned around sadly with the fetus in her belly.

He is a business legend, and he was deeply in love with his heart, but he encountered the cruel reality. His beloved wife died and his son two months after his birth was gone.

She had a relationship with him on several occasions. She was very impressed with him. He had never accompanied his wife during the birth check. He needed his signature during the delivery, but he could not find someone. She thought he was an irresponsible husband. however……

In the Intensive Care Unit, he knelt in front of his beloved wife’s bed, and said in tears, “It’s easy for others to have children, why can’t we?”

, she has been working in obstetrics for many years, not the first time she heard it, but she was still worried.

One year later, when she met him in a coffee shop, she said directly: “Want to be my daughter’s stepfather?”

She didn’t know everything about him, but she knew that his wife died of amniotic fluid embolism, and his son was not rescued. Within two months, he lost his beloved wife and son. At that time, she also participated in the rescue. She will never forget what his wife said to her before her death, this secret, she would not tell him.

He also recognized her. Her words didn’t feel offensive. After the surprise, she said indifferently: “A year ago, I lost my wife and children.”

“I know, I divorced and have a daughter. If you want, I will see you at the Civil Security Bureau at nine o’clock tomorrow and allow you to be late. If you don’t come after ten o’clock, I will find another partner.” After she finished speaking, Get out of the coffee shop.

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