The Self-cultivation of the Noble Concubine Who Eats Melon

The Self-cultivation of the Noble Concubine Who Eats Melon


549 Chapters Ongoing Status


Before Feng Yi ascended the throne, no one wanted to marry him, an unexistent and unfavored prince. After ascending the throne, the harem was filled with the daughters of important officials in the court.

Looking at the hurt eyes and feeling upset, it is fortunate that they all feel that they have dirty their own dragon bodies.

He decided to choose a hot-tempered, arrogant, domineering and jealous woman into the palace, and put all these rubbish in the cold palace for him.

Song Yunzhao traveled to ancient times for 14 years, and has been developing obscenely. He just waited for the plot to start, and then turned into an arrogant, domineering, vicious and jealous villain. When he was defeated, he could choose a husband and live happily.

Later, Song Yunzhao looked at the doting Majesty smiling at her and said, “Zhaozhao, come here.”

Song Yunzhao only felt that something was wrong, the soles of his feet felt cold, and the dog emperor had a gentle face and cold eyes, he clearly wanted to use her as a weapon!

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