Yearning for the cloud in my heart

Yearning for the cloud in my heart


52 Chapters Ongoing Status


Jiang Ming pursues Chen Keyan wholeheartedly, but Chen Keyan's family objects. Chen Keyan also hopes that Jiang Ming will achieve results; but Jiang Ming chooses to work in school.

Zeng Lanzhi liked Jiang Ming, she cared about Jiang Ming, and the two got married because of an accident.

Chen Keyan went to Wucheng in anger.

Jiang Ming also went his separate ways because of the disagreement between the two...

Only then did Jiang Ming realize that the person he loved was still Chen Keyan. He had been waiting for the opportunity, hoping to reconcile with Chen Keyan again.

When Jiang Ming had been teaching for several years and realized that he could not teach in a school, he chose to go to Wucheng.

When he came to Wucheng...


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